Eyes Relax

What is it?

It’s an utility that helps avoiding eyes-related problems when working at a computer for several hours. Concentrating your eyesight on a computer screen can cause an eye strain. You can prevent this by taking regular breaks during the work and look at distant objects.

Eyes Relax is a tool that reminds you about taking those breaks. It a very flexible utility, which allows you to specify two independent (short and long) work periods, the length of the breaks, break types, notification sounds and many other settings.

Eyes Relax has also the parenting features. It can enter the password-protected Parent Mode in which the user is forced to take breaks (during the break the computer is locked). This is very useful since children often forget about the real world and play video games much too long.

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The latest version of Eyes Relax is 0.87 (15 June 2012) . Here is the installer download link (installer size: 1.8 MB). You can also fetch the portable version, which stores its configuration in the current program’s directory. You can also browse the version history.
Note: Eyes Relax requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed.


I’ve been developing Eyes Relax since April 2008, constantly improving it and adding new features requested by the users. Despite the amount of work Eyes Relax is (and will remain) free for any use. However, if you find this program useful, I will appreciate any donation, which would help me to pay for the website hosting and support the future development. To make a donation, simply use the PayPal “Donate” button below.


Eyes Relax screenshot

You can also see the video trailer or read the reviews:

  • Eyes Relax – Useful Free Utility for People Who Forget to Take a Break
  • Maintain healthy eyes when in front of the computer with Eyes Relax
  • or just read very nice Jimmy’s comment:

    “I offer my deepest gratitude to you for creating Eyes Relax software. I was really in the need of this kind of software.
    I used to write time on a piece of paper to take breaks and I kept on doing it for a long time but it wasn’t too much practically. Then I started searching for software which do this for me.
    I gave a try to these softwares:

    • Take A Break
    • EyeDefender

    and few other softwares. None of them was upto my requirement. Few softwares had only short break option other had only long break feature, few had worst interface and few had no sound option etc… but none of them was perfect.
    Then fortunately I came across WorkRave software it’s almost 100% perfect except 1 feature that it doesn’t allow to stop tracing Mouse and Keyboard activity and gives break notification as per their usage. For couple of days I was enjoying it till the time I was deadly coding all the time but afterwards someday I realized it wasn’t prompting for breaks and I figured out that it prompts as per Mouse and Keyboard usage and their is no option to stop it.
    I searched again because I was getting strain in eyes and fortunately I came across Scirocco-Take-a-Break and it was exactly what I was looking for, except few features (it doesn’t have good interface etc..). So again I’ve to search and by the grace of GOD I came across your software Eyes Relax, which really fascinated me because it has good interface, short and long break option, different sound options for specific break etc…
    I went through many comments on Eyes Relax post and came to know initially Eyes Relax was not having those features which I’m looking for but you kept on doing good work by acting what users were suggesting and I also noticed that users suggested many useful features and you implemented them and made Eyes Relax perfect.
    This is proven now that if we do some good work and share it with others then it actually helps us but it seems that we are giving to others, the fact is it returns times to us.
    I offer my deepest Gratitude to you and your Eyes power saving software called EyesRelax. I’ve also tweeted about your Eyes Relax.”


I’m happy that people find this little tool useful. That’s what matters to me, thank you. Take care of your eyes.

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219 thoughts on “Eyes Relax”

  1. Do you work as a programmer FOR FREE ?
    Why undermine the market with a free peace of software ?
    Think about it and remove it from public !

  2. I_wonder: I work as a professional programmer and I enjoy doing it. I wrote Eyes Relax because I needed such tool and I couldn’t find anything I could use at work for free. So I wrote it (it took me about an hour). Then I thought if I needed such a tool, maybe someone else needs it too.
    And yes – I give it for free, cos the programming I’ve done isn’t even worth mentioning. Moreover the purpose of Eyes Relax is to help people to take care about their health and limiting the access to such a tool by demanding money is not something I’d like to do.
    And I don’t believe any serious business could be undermined with a tool that one programmer can create in 1 or 2 hours and give it for free.

  3. I strongly agree with mech. I had the same problem with computer LCD but thanks to the free software developed by mech now my eye problem has gone.
    Thanks again.

  4. Thanks simply … Usefull I’ve got a similar (free also) tool but yours is simply better … and vista compatible also 😉

    My kid suggest an option for random images taken from a dedicated folder 😉

  5. I_Wonder, you are an ass. The guy made great app and shared it with everyone. If you suck so much that you need to kill freeware in order to make money as programer then get a second job.

  6. Thank you for your absolutely fabulous tool… A real salvation for any IT artisan out there.

    A small bug report: ER 0.43 is very sensitive to using WinXP Remote Desktop Tool – in 75% of cases it crashes (“Performed an illegal operation”) whenever we connect or abort connection to remote computer… When you are supposed to be using remotes a lot, that becomes a nuisance :).

    Anyway, thanks a lot! As soon as I get out of debts, I’ll definitely donate.

  7. Thank you, mech! It’s wonderful to see people willing to occasionally share their talent without the constant need for financial reward. Especially when it’s a program that helps people on a personal level like this one. As for I_wonder…. sad, very sad. Maybe he’s trying desperately to sell a similar product?

  8. @ I_wonder

    “Peace” should be spelt “Peice”. Maybe you should try the software so you can see whether you are using the correct word. Twat!

  9. mech, great tool. Very helpful at my workplace. Thanks for supporting the community with a free “peace” of software.

  10. I_wonder quit crying. There’s ton of free software out there available. Ever heard of open source? How about Gimp, Open Office, etc. And those are major applications, this is a handy widget that is aimed to help people out. Don’t hate, you’re probably writing an inferior program with identical functionality and plan on selling it for $10. Get mad at the people who are going to pirate your useless app, not at the programmers who distribute their work as a token of good will.

  11. Thank you so much for this piece of software. Not only does it help me get away from the computer when I need to, the timer is great for when my children are on.

  12. thank you – works great! found via lifehacker.

    suggestion: optional (and selectable) sound when break is up – I find I’m constantly looking at the pop-up to find out when I should start looking at the screen again… which kind of defeats the purpose. a default zen chime would be nice.

  13. mech, I always admire & respect people who offer freeware.

    Thanks for a great piece (I_wonder – pls note the spelling!) of s/w 🙂

  14. Thank you for the free, healthy reminder. For anyone who works at a desk for 8 hours a day, this is an incredibly important tool. I started my job with 20/20, not its 21/20 its been less then two years. For 21 years my eyes were fine, but once I started staring at a computer for over 30 hours a week, my eyes went down hill.

    So thank you!

  15. If you really want to make this utility useful and good for people’s health then you have to implement the following things:

    1) Two break intervals: one short tunable interval (15-45 sec) every 10-15 minutes (also tunable) and one long interval every hour (~ 5minutes)

    2) Break modes: a) a mere systray notification (already there) b) full screen shutting down with possibility to stop the relaxation period either by using a keyboard shortcut (tunable) OR a mouse click on a button OR without any of those possibilities (i.e. have a rest or die).

    I currently have the following settings in a similar Linux/KDE utility: a 45 seconds rest every fifteen minutes and a 5 minutes rest every hour.

  16. Very appretiate of you for this piece of software, it’s really all that i was looking for, no bulky software or anything.
    I will encourage my co-workers to install it and donate just a dollar minimum for your effort.


  17. Hi all!
    Thanks for your comments and ideas. I’ve been very busy last month, but be sure I read carefully every comment and I will consider each of them when preparing the next version (till the end of February I hope). Best greetings.

  18. I’m looking for a tool which reminds me to blink.
    I have dry eyes and when I work behind a computer I blink less.
    It would be great if a slight popup (not irritating) in my screen every x seconds reminds me of blinking. Should be a tiny enhancement to your software.

  19. Your product is very very nice and useful.
    But what is the problem is that it uses 20,000 KBs of memory. It is the topmost program next to explorer using maximum memory.
    Hope you would try to reduce the memory usage in upcoming versions of the program

  20. Hi mech. First of all thank you very much for this tool. I like it a lot! I wonder if the reason why you didn’t get any donations yet is that the paypal form appears in Polish only, so it is not readable for most of us. I didn’t find a way to switch the language. I’m happy to donate but I want to understand the dialogs when entering sensitive cc information. 😉

    It would be great if you could include an option to play sound-files in the upcoming version (one for the beginning and one for the end of the break and maybe a field for entering the volume-percentage or a volume slider).
    The sound options could get switched on/off additionaly to a selected break time action or as a replacement.
    profile1: break time action=”show image” AND play sound=ON
    profile2: break time action=”show image” AND play sound=OFF
    profile3: “play sound” only (no baloon, blank screen or image)

    All the best and keep up the good work!

  21. Axel,
    Thank you for you comment. I’ve recreated the donate button and I hope it will be international this time. I’ve noticed that the previous was in Polish, but I thought paypal detects the country based on IP/browser settings.
    I’ve just released a new version of Eyes Relax (0.44) which is a bugfix version (fixed stability and memory issues). The next version will have:
    – the microbreaks
    – customizable sounds
    – new notification and break types


  22. Hi mech, hi all,

    just for your information and everybody out there considering a donation – the paypal donation page is now displaying in English and it’s quick and easy to use. 🙂 😉

    Have a good day and all the best!

  23. And yes the memory problem is solved in the next version and the program just occupies 2 or 3 MBs in the memory.

    The update process occurred so smooth that too without a browser. It’s really great.

    I Wish success in all your projects.

  24. Please add more function to expand program feature.

    – add more relax (dont fix only one.)
    – if time is expri then the child dont stop. how parent send the command to computer to disable mouse/keyboard or lock computer or shutdown.

  25. Hi,
    This is a great utility. Its a permanent part of my computer now.
    But, there is one problem. It crashes whenever my laptop is resumed from hibernate state. Please try to add support for hibernate.
    Thanks / Ajay
    (note from mech: upgrading EyesRelax to version 0.44 resolved the problem)

  26. Mech…..you deserve a Noble price for the world health….how many children could avoid far/near sighted eyes….using your program…..for free….Anyway….wonder in newer version we can upload a list of MP3 songs that play in random a song for each break duration time. (my daughter like to sing along and she can improve her English by singing)….i can improve my English as well……..(it is great if the other running program sound temporary stopped)….also after the song finish, will be a good sign to tell break time is over , because kids sometimes wait in front of monitor due to lack of sound.

  27. oh yap….Mech….some other thing i should tell you of why I choose your program from other free eyes protection software is that because
    1. you allowed full 1024×768 jpeg resolution
    2. Reminder before break
    3. The simplicity of the program

    well…..with future ability to play MP3 files randomly 1 per each break & temporary stop of other running program sound …this will be a SIMPLY but PERFECT eyes protection software

  28. Also Mech….you have a very good website design idea…it is clean but informative & to the point ….it is a website design that makes people willing to stay & browse…..amazing….I read all of the response….I never do this on other website…. same as your eyes relax software ……it is just the one what I ( I hope many people) thinking of ….

  29. I vote for sound request specificating time!
    Even without that, a wonderful lifesaving .. i mean.. eye-saving software.

  30. Hi all,

    Freelanceandy: thank you for your comment. I’ve added the comment date. I’m also going to improve the wordpress skin, just have to find some time to do it.
    Eyes Relax news: the new version is almost ready, I believe I will release it next week. Two major changes:
    – two types of breaks – short and long, f.e. 1 minute break every 15 minutes and 5 minutes break every hour
    – customizable notification sounds (incoming break, break start, break end)


  31. I am using it for more than a month now, and I really feel better with my eyes.
    Please, will you add the feature of reducing the break time to seconds. I cannot wait for one minute every 10 minutes. I only want 30 seconds.
    Please try to bring it in the next version.
    Thanks in advance.

  32. Hi

    Nice utility. Parent mode is very useful but why Allow to cancel a break is still active in this mode? Children can easly cancel a break and all work is for nothing.
    Everytime when the programm is starting the main window is appearing, can you add a checkbox to cancel it?

  33. ZeT,
    1. User can cancel a break in Parent Mode only after providing the password, so keep the password secure 🙂
    2. Eyes Relax can start in “hidden” mode – the are two ways to do it:
    a) you can specify the “/silent” command line parameter when starting Eyes Relax. A shortcut which does this is created by the installer in the Programs/Startup menu. So you simply have to copy Eyes Relax shortcut from the Startup menu to the desktop/quickstart toolbar.
    b) in the Eyes Relax shortcut properties you can specify in the program should start in Normal/Minimized/Maximized mode. Select the “Minimized” mode – that should do the trick.

  34. Really it is mind blowing tool. Hats off. If you need any kind of help in developing such tools for free, please feel free to ask me. I can finance for your time.

  35. Dear Mech,
    I just downloaded your 0.52 version……I really want to say to all of you….I have search for a hundred of similar softwares …..Eyes relax 0.52’s simplicity, panel design & functions worth more than those others that need to pay…..I just now have the last request …..would you pls design a path for sound to a folder with multi MP3 files for in line / random plays for every start of break…….

  36. Hi mech,
    I have no problems with Eyes relax except one.
    I would sometimes have some work other than in computer
    I used to get out of my room, and when I return and start doing my work in computer. Within 10 or 20 seconds eyes relax gives a break. This annoys me very much.

    My idea is to integrate eyes relax with screensaver, so that when the screen saver is running, Eyes relax does not gives a break. And when the screen saver exits, eyes relax should reset its timer

  37. Jaikrishna,
    I think your idea is really great, thank you for sharing it. Shame on me I didn’t think about it myself 🙂 I will definitely implement this feature in the next release.

  38. Hi mech,

    could you also please consider adding a field for entering the volume-percentage or a volume slider in the next version? I would like to specifically turn down the volume for the EyesRelax sounds so I hear them less dominant while having my other sounds (like Skype ring tones, etc.) in a higher/normal volume.

    Thanks a lot!

  39. Hi Mech

    Thanks a lot for this tool, my daughter appreciate it less but never mind !
    could you tell me if anybody else faced an issue on installing the last version ? I’ve restored twice the system because my Word, Outlook e-mails and so on are lost after the installation.
    by the way, I also think that taking into consideration screensaver would be great.
    Thanks for comments.

  40. Hi Zhorse,
    I put a lot of effort in testing new versions before releasing them. Of course there were some minor bugs in the past, but they affected only the way Eyes Relax behaved (some memory usage and stability issues). ER does not access system files. It doesn’t use the Windows registry neither, so it shouldn’t be the cause of your problems. The msi installer does only some standard things (directories creation and Start menu modification).
    But if anyone else experienced similar (or any other) problems – PLEASE send me a note, I’ll definitely fix them.

  41. Hi mech,
    when implementing the check for the screensaver, could you also please at the same time check if the monitor is on?

    Thanks and greetings!

  42. Hi mech,
    thanks a lot for including the sound volume slider in the new version (0.53).
    That’s perfect!

    Best, Axel

  43. HI mech,
    Thanks for implementing the screensaver feature.
    I thought some children could dodge eyes relax by selecting preview in display options and the parent mode would become useless. But that, actually could not dodge Eyes relax.

    Great, Thank you once again.

  44. Mech,
    Thanks a lot for developing such a useful tool. Its really helping me to protect my eyes. I have also read some of your other articles, you are really great.

    Keep up the good working going! 🙂

  45. Hello,
    I’ve been searching for a similar program and have tried at least 5 of them before concluding to this which one really is nearly perfect! I actually use it to take breaks during study so I can keep my focus at a peak (there is a relative study on this.)
    My thoughts :

    1)I would love this on Mac OS too (I know that I ask too much but hope dies last 😀 )

    2)Based on my comments above , I think that there are very few (or none – I couldn’t find any) programs designed for study and in particular to assist people to take regular breaks to keep their mind power and focus at an optimum level. I believe you can make a very, very similar program and change only the description and title (and of course the overlay a bit). I know that it sounds pointless but it would enable people that look for such a program to finally find it 😉 I am pretty sure that you will receive some massive thank you emails , comments , donations (etc) there too.

    3)I see how some people hurried on to bash I_Wonder on his suggestion. I don’t think there are people who LIKE TO PAY and I dont think he is an exception either, I personally believe that he really appreciated the program so your reactions were kind of exaggerated. I utterly applaud mech’s choice to go public on this but lets be honest : with some proper polishing (graphics etc) this program could sell like hot bread. And this just goes once again to congratulate mech on his excellent job.

    Sorry for my long feedback and

    P.S. If you are thinking about the “study break program” thing I can provide you with as much details and research as you want !

  46. After using this app for almost two weeks, I have two feature requests ! 🙂

    1 – “Start working feature” – reset the interval counting (to zero), so the next interval comes at the correct time. Right now it is looping the intervals whether I’m at the computer or not.

    2 – “Screen saver Inactivity” – If the screen saver comes on, it means I am not working! So it should stop running, and when I came back and the screensaver is dismissed, it should make an automatic “Start working” action, resetting the timer for me.

    what do you think ?


  47. Hi,

    Thanks for this great tool. It’s just brilliant !
    I’m also using it to control the time that my child waste on computer. So, I’ve activated parental control. But… he discovered a way to get out eyes relax. Just a few seconds before eyes relax take action, he restarts his computer to restart time counter.
    So, my suggestion is: if parental control is enable, there should be an option to avoid that situation (maybe saving the last time it takes action, with parental control enabled).

    Regards and keep this excellent work!

  48. Thanks for the tool, the eight hour computer work day is very straining on the eyes & this should be a great way to prevent headaches.

    Hope pesimeao realises how valuable ‘wasting time’ on the computer can be as well as doing school work. A lot can be absorbed from simply spending time exploring. If your child has enough initiative to find a way around the limitations, it actually says good things about them thinking out of the box 😉

    Thanks again

  49. Thanks for making the very nice great tool.

    I have a few comments for slide show option as below:-

    1) “auto-fit to screen” for hi-res photo.
    2) Transition effects
    3) counter timer bar over each slide (like EyeDefender, and modern style).

    Greeting from Thailand.

  50. Thx for this little but worthy software for your eyes…cheers! Whenever i work on net for long…my eyes burning…but now i can take my breaks n relax…

  51. Eyes Relax . . .
    i’m indebted . . .a very constructive service; the one and only utility in the environment i consider, that takes care of my body.
    Regards good wishes.

  52. I am interested in translating Eyes Relax into Brazilian Portuguese language, is it possible?
    Please, send me instructions.
    Thank you very much! (Your software is very nice!)

  53. Claudio,
    Thanks for your comment – it gave me a reason to add support for multiple languages. Right now Eyes Relax will support English,Polish and German (and Brazilian Portuguese if you translate it 🙂 ). If anyone is interested in translating ER to other languages – please contact me.

  54. Hi mech, EyesRelax seems to have a problem on Windows7 RTM. In my installation, the software is running, but doesn’t signal and show the breaks. I guess it has something to do with permissions. Do you know how to get it working?

    Greetings, Axel

  55. The countdown to breaktime is also behaving erratically under Windows7. EyesRelax switches to breaktime in midst of countdowns, for example in one second the time to a break could be 11:34 in a 20min cycle and the very next second it displays “breaktime” in the notification tooltip, but as already said, no break sounds will be issued and no break image is shown.

    If anyone succeeds in getting EyesRelax going on Win7, would you please leave a message here how you got it working?

    Thanks and greetings, Axel

  56. Axel,
    Thanks for reporting this. I will try to gain access to the Windows7 machine and solve the problems. I made the app Vista-compatible, so I won’t fall on Win7 🙂

  57. Hi mech,

    sorry about the fuzz. It’s now working. The error was on my side. I had moved the folder with the image, so EyesRelax couldn’t find the configured image. I’ve now changed the pathand EyesRelax is – as far as I can see – now fully working under Win7.

    Thanks and have a good day,

  58. Hi mech,

    the behaviour of EyesRelax is still not as consistent as I thought.

    EyesRelax tends to stop working at breaktimes, sometimes after some successful rounds, sometimes on the first round. When it happens, the tooltip shows “BREAK”, but nothing happens. No sounds, no image, no start of a new countdown cycle. Disabling followed by enabling starts the countdown again.

    I have the feeling it has to do with the new aero-functions in Win7 but I couldn’t find a reproducable pattern. I use a Java application that sometimes forces Win7 to automatically disable aero functions and enable them again when the application closes. Maybe the EyesRelax behaviour has something to do with the switching on/off of aero functions, but that’s just a guess.

  59. I’ve noticed a similar problem on XP in version 0.61. Apparently, as long as i don’t set the break time to something longer than 5 minutes it will work, otherwise it won’t. No image and no sounds at breaktime. 0.54 works fine for me, though. 🙂

  60. Very strange, but I have a suspicion that it may be connected with the break dialog TransparencyKey being set. I will remove this in the next release (next week).

  61. Hi,
    When will be available version compatible with Windows 7? Current version does not hide the screen.
    P.S. Thank you for great program!

  62. Hi,

    jfyi: in my case, EyesRelax seems to now work under Windows7 with the V0.64 update. I’ve now been using this build for a day and so far it perfectly did the job.

    Thanks a lot,

  63. Great soft. Thanks!
    Found a bug in 0.64. I have the following settings: short breaks 20 min / 30 sec. Long break after 2 short breaks 600 sec.
    On 0.54 everything was fine. After upgrade to 0.64 I have the first break 30 secs (break dialog), second – 600 sec!!!! (break dialog), third 30 – sec!!!! (blank screen). So the second short break and the long break have been rearranged.
    Also I have a sugestion. Can you add an option not to cancel long break automatically but inctead show a button “I have returned”. After a user have clicked the button the system cancels the long break and start counting time till the next short break.

  64. Alex,
    Thanks for the bug report, indeed I’ve accidentally swapped two lines of code, my mistake. I’ll release the fix as soon as possible.
    Since Eyes Relax 0.61 the program tracks user activity. So when you leave the computer during the long break and the break ends, the new timer won’t start automatically. It will start after the user uses the mouse/keyboard. Hope this helps.

  65. “Since Eyes Relax 0.61 the program tracks user activity. So when you leave the computer during the long break and the break ends, the new timer won’t start automatically. It will start after the user uses the mouse/keyboard.”
    This is exactly what I need. Thanks.
    One more error noticed with 0.64. When I installed 0.64 for the first time everything was fine. It was install over 0.54. Then I noticed the error with breaks rearrangements and tried to deinstall the programm completly and make a clean install. After that the programm starts to throw fatal errors at startup.
    Then tried again deinstall, 0.54 -> 0.64. Again fine. Hope this info wil be usefull.

  66. I have a Microsoft .NET framework error.

    Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore this error ….

    Value of 3600 is not valid for Value. Value should be between Minimum and Maximum.
    Parameter name Value

  67. Hi all,
    Indeed, there was a little error when trying to convert old configuration to the new format. In result break time was converted from minutes to seconds twice (which gave 3600 instead of 60). I’ve just corrected the problem (version 0.66 is available for download). Sorry for the problem, I hope this won’t happen in the future.

  68. I’ve used a few of these free pgms, but yours is the best, easy to use, don’t crash, has image choices, AND support dual monitors in the old version (most of them only work for 1 monitor), have not tried out this new version yet.

  69. It is a real pleasure to read such a comment 🙂 But I’m not the only one to deserve credit. The first version was unstable and had just a few features. Many good ideas (dual monitor support, long/short breaks, sounds) came from the users. They ware also reporting the stability problems and prepared the translation. This free applications is a result of our cooperation. So thanks to all who helped me with this project. You’re the best.

  70. Hello;

    Thank you for your program. I love it!

    I like to use the slideshow feature and was wondering if you could provide support for the arrow keys (–> and <–) where when you are in slideshow you can manually go to the next image.

    Thank you for all your hard work on this software.

  71. Eyes Relax With Evernote == Web Flashcards

    I know that Eyes Relax was not built for this purpose but I thought I’d pass along the following method that I use to review pieces of information that I pick up from blogs, ebooks, and web pages.

    1. create a “My Notes” folder in “My Documents”
    2. Download Evernote from http://www.evernote.com
    3. Set up evernote to start whenever you start windows
    4. Press PrtScr button to enter screen capture mode in Evernote
    5. Save the relevant piece of information to your “My Notes” folder

    Now all you need to do is enable the slideshow feature in Eyes Relax and set it up to grab the pictures from your “My Notes” folder.

    Set up the relevant intervals that you feel happy with and set the break time. I’ve found it better to have a very long break time (480 seconds) so that I am able to spend more time rereading things I wanted to remember.

    Voila! now you will be able to review pieces of information that you picked up from the web or ebooks or word documents.

    I think another great way to use EyesRelax would be to remind yourself of you To-Do list or your goals. For example open up Note pad every day and write down your To-Do list then capture it with Evernote (prtscr) and now you will be reminded of your things to do periodically throughtout the day.

  72. Hariom,

    I think your solution is not what Eyes Relax was developed for. I use Eyes Relax to give my eyes a relax – and I definitely have to do it after a period of time looking at the screen (e.g. by watching out of the window). Your solution may be work but is not good for your eyes.

  73. I am trying to use the software on Windows 7,64bit but I get an error from the .Net framework.

    Any way of fixing this soon ?

    By the way, I love the software it is really good. The reason I use it is not only for refreshing my eyes but helps me for time management as well si I can review my tasks on an hourly basis.

  74. How we can take the breaks at regular intervals during the official timings please suggest any other solutions to save our eyesight.
    but anyway very common problem you have discuss in the article

  75. Hi, mech!
    I love your tool that can make me take a rest during work time!
    Thank you for your effort!

    I’m a developer in South Korea. And I’v thought to make break alarm tool like this since 2 months ago. So I’ve researched this kind program and find this out!

    This is what I want to make and you already did!
    But, it doesn’t support South Korean language. So can I translate it to Korean, if it is possible? I hope many people in my country can use this tool in my language.

  76. NineBear,
    I’m glad to read such comments 🙂 Eyes Relax is prepared to support multiple languages, the only problem is I have to find people who are kind enough to spend some time translating it.
    Thank you very much for volunteering. Preparing the Korean translation shouldn’t be difficult – you just have to translate two text files I’ve sent you via email.
    If someone else would like to help me translating Eyes Relax to his own language, I’d be more than grateful.

  77. Bug found:
    os is win xp 64-bit with sp2 +latest updates
    I use Eyerelax daily and when i close my work i use Start menu/ Turn off/ Standby mode (still logged into my user account)…
    but when next day turn pc on and log into Eyerelax wont remember relax time remaining from yesterday but it changes relax time from for example “15 minutes left to relax” to some 23131 minutes (high) value.

  78. Hi

    I absolutely LOVE this program, as it keeps me from sitting staring for hours at a screen (Student).

    However I have found a problem.

    The program will run fine once, but after a break the clock does not restart, and therefore won’t count down till the next break.

    I am running Windows 7, and hope you can answer my problem.

    Once again for your support, and of course for realising it FOR FREE :).



  79. This is a great program. Will save many eyes. What do you recommend as the best work/pause schedule? Is it better to work longer with a longer break, or work less with a small break? Thanks for all your effort.

  80. Muzica noua,
    Well, I work in both modes 🙂 – longer with longer breaks and shorter with micro breaks. Every 30 minutes I take a micro break (something like 15 seconds), during which I look away from the screen and focus on a distant object (luckily I have a window near my desk). Every two hours I take a 10- to 15-minute break, during which I make myself a cup of tee or just wander around the office 🙂 So my settings in Eyes Relax are:
    – Work time: 30 minutes
    – Short break time: 15 seconds
    – Short breaks between long breaks: 4
    – Long break time: 600 seconds (10 minutes)
    – Break type: Break dialog (cos sometimes I have to finish something before taking a break and the blank screen makes it impossible:) )

  81. On a whim I asked Eyes Relax to check for updates. To my surprise, there was one. I downloaded it. My question is, where do I find out about the changes in the latest release?

    By the way, your site still reads “The latest version of Eyes Relax is 0.66.”, but 0.72 is the latest. Also the copyright on the about tab of the app only shows 2009, might want to update it to 2010. Also, I noticed that copyright is misspelled as copyrigth. 🙂

    One change suggestion, in the icon tray menu, add more snooze options. Sometimes 5 minutes is not enough and the reminder comes back to quickly. It would be nice to see a few other intervals also ( ex: 5, 10, 30). Plus you might want to add a reset option to reset it to back to the break interval (60 minutes). Sometimes if an impromptu break, when you return to work the timer may be at only 20 minutes and come up to quickly. It would be nice to quickly be able to reset it back to the break interval.

    Thanks for a great product!

  82. Michael,
    The help file is updated with every release, so you can always look at the version history in it.
    Thanks for pointing out those little mistakes I overlooked. I’m struggling to find a balance between work, family life and my hobbies. So I appreciate helping me out those errors I made because of the lack of time.
    I’ll think about extending the snooze option functionality you mentioned, this seems like a good idea.
    You can always reset the break interval by disabling and enabling Eyes Relax – the timer is reset. As I mentioned before, new version of Eyes Relax tries to be smart about monitoring user activity. Usually the timer resets when the user is not working for a while. The scenario when you return to work and you have only 20 out of 60 minutes left should not happen.

  83. Working great, awesome program.

    Thank you for saving my eyes!

    One small question though, u got 13/1 as the working and relaxing ratio, is there any other good combination?

  84. It’s been said so many times, but I just have to say ‘thank you’! you have created such a wonderful product that is easy o use. As someone who suffers from dry eye, this is icredibly useful.

    i like to work in ‘time boxes’ of an hour, but love to split them up into 3 x 20 minute sessions. The only thing that I would love to have implemented would be a way of resetting my long session (break). Right now, if I work for 40 minutes and don’t return to the task at hand, when i return it reminds me that i have 20 minutes until a LONG break. I get around this by simply taking a break now and then cancelling the break, so that I may return to the 1 hour schedule.

    I appreciate all your hard work and generousity. I will be notifying the dry eye community, so I would expect many more users on the way. Thank you.

  85. hello, good morning.

    i am using your tool and it’s nice
    another similar are less configurable,
    and this permits more that sound, cause i use a laptop and it’s sound is low.

    1. make a version in spanish ( if a can help to traslate, cause not programming)
    2. create own text, for remember somehing to do in a time (“call to my friend for do it something”)
    3. portable
    5. option for no repeat: work time, break time, may be one cicle and no more, and it’s option

    thank for read this.

    Good aplication.

  86. Hi Mech,

    Thanks for giving us ER.
    I shall be happy to translate ER in Bangla language.
    Thanks in advance for your permission. Please mail the text to me.


  87. Hi Mech

    Just a great piece of software. I use similar dedicated for Linux and was looking for one to use with Windows too. I found it even nicer when noticed it was written by a Polish guy.

    Thanks for Your good job!
    Cześć Mech

    Po prostu świetny programik. Używam podobnego dla Linuksa i szukałem jakiegoś, którego mógłbym używać z Windowsem. Uznałem go za jeszcze lepszy, kiedy zorientowałem się, że został napisany przez Polaka.

    Dzięki za Twoją świetną robotę!

  88. Hi Mech,

    First, thank you for your great effort.

    I downloaed Eyes Relax ver 0.74.3791.24489 from ww.download.com.

    I find every things is good except one BIG problem : during the break (even with parent password enabled ), the computer (Windowns XP) CAN NOT really be locked. My 9year old son still can press CTRL+ALT+DEL to launch Windows Task Manager and then END the break at any time he wants.

    Hope that you can improve the software to solve this problem so that it really FORCE children to relax their eyes.

    Best regards

  89. Helen,
    You have a smart kid 🙂 Have you tried checking the ‘Disable Task Manager’ option on the security tab in Eyes Relax? After selecting it, the button that launches Task Manager after pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL should be disabled.

  90. Hi Mech! Thanks for this perfect and free app. Do you think Turkish language support for this app? If you want this, i’ll help you.

    Best regards.

  91. My dad found Eyes Relax for me from surfing the web. My eye are usually dried out or irritated from web designing on a small netbook all day. I look forward to using Eyes Relax.

    Peace and Love,
    Michael D Mooring

  92. Thank you very much for this software. I used it with windows xp and now I am using it with windows 7. Sometimes it stops working, so I just click on exit, then activate the software again.
    I wonder if you can add a audio option with the slide show or the chosen picture?
    I’ve tried many softwares like eye relax, but it is the only one I like and feel happy with.
    Again, thank you.

  93. I think that taking the $ end out of anything that promotes a healthy environment is a noble and highly commendable practice. Everyone wants to make a buck, including me, but it needs to be balanced by giving to others what you have a skill for.

    The most common word on web pages these days is becoming “SHARE”. My declining eye site from hours on the computer will thank you too.

    It’s not about making anyone wrong, it’s about doing what’s Pono (Hawaiian for right).

  94. Mech.. Thanks a lot for the software and even more thanks for giving it for free. As an IT professional myself I know how much we strain our eyes in front of the monitors. Most of us know about CVS, 20-20-20 rule, etc.. but when started working we completely forget about them and stay glued to the screen for hours.

    Eyes Relax will be very very helpful !!

    Ever heard of FOSS?

  95. Hi frendzz..

    i came to this website through an add in the newspaper.

    I found it really good.

    & i am going to promote it…

    Thanx Mech… Thanx a lot.

  96. Thanks for such a useful utility. I downloaded it. I installed it. It worked beautiful. 10 seconds later I was making a donation. You have done a great job .Keep it up.

  97. Just wish to tell you how much I like your program. I used to have Break Reminder 3.0 and it’s sold for $80+
    But Eyes Relax is way cooler, plus it’s free!
    I have donated $20 though.

    Happy New Year 2011!
    and thanks again for the great software!

  98. Cześć Mech:

    I’ve tried a number of “break” programs and they haven’t worked for me…I’m my own worst enemy and continually blow off the breaks.

    But yours has the bells and whistles that may just work magic for me…and my poor eyes.

    Plus, I’m going to try the parental controls on MYSELF! 🙂

    I hope you have found working on this program rewarding.

    Dzięki za Twoją świetną robotę!

    Disclaimer: I copied the polish from Ister’s post. 🙂

  99. Hi Mech,

    I’m 20 years old, and I’ve just started a programming course. I worry about my eyes, and thank goodness I caught onto it quickly! I tried using Workrave, but it doesn’t work on my Windows 7 Professional computer. Yet your program does work!

    I’m tempted to donate, even though your program isn’t free as in freedom. I have no income, but I’m thinking of getting a credit card, so I can spend the rest of my savings. Hahaha.

  100. Hi Mech,
    Your design is very well, it’s good for my eyes. If modify the rest pages will be better. I did it. How can I send it to you?

  101. This is really useful software thank you! It would be great if it could show a single random image from a group of images. Also playing videos would be awesome but I imagine that would be hard. Thank you for making this. It’s so much less stressful then some of the other apps out there.

  102. I offer my deepest gratitude to you for creating Eyes Relax software. I was really in the need of this kind of software.

    I used to write time on a piece of paper to take breaks and I kept on doing it for a long time but it wasn’t too much practically. Then I started searching for software which do this for me.

    I gave a try to these softwares :-

    Take A Break
    and few other softwares. None of them was upto my requirement. Few softwares had only short break option other had only long break feature, few had worst interface and few had no sound option etc… but none of them was perfect

    Then fortunately I came across WorkRave software it’s almost 100% perfect except 1 feature that it doesn’t allow to stop tracing Mouse and Keyboard activity and gives break notification as per their usage. For couple of days I was enjoying it till the time I was deadly coding all the time but afterwards someday I realized it wasn’t prompting for breaks and I figured out that it prompts as per Mouse and Keyboard usage and their is no option to stop it.

    I searched again because I was getting strain in eyes and fortunately I came across Scirocco-Take-a-Break and it was exactly what I was looking for, except few features (it doesn’t have good interface etc..). So again I’ve to search and by the grace of GOD I came across your software Eyes
    Relax, which really fascinated me because it has good interface, short and long break option, different sound options for specific break etc…

    I went through many comments on Eyes Relax post and came to know initially Eyes Relax was not having those features which I’m looking for but you kept on doing good work by acting what users were suggesting and I also noticed that users suggested many useful features and you implemented them and made Eyes Relax perfect

    This is proven now that if we do some good work and share it with others then it actually helps us but it seems that we are giving to others, the fact is it returns times to us.

    I offer my deepest Gratitude to you and your Eyes power saving software called EyesRelax. I’ve also tweeted about your Eyes Relax.

  103. Another useful feature, if you get a chance, would be a floating timer with the ability to stay on top or other windows. Maybe just a button to switch the main eyes relax panel into just the timer part. That way I can always see how long I have left. Thanks.

  104. Thank you so much mech, not only for the tools but also for your good intentions.
    You’re such a nice person.
    This is really helpful for many people.


  105. Thank you so much for such a valuable tool. I write software training manuals and have been using your free software for years. I have donated to your pay pal account and hope that others will as well.

    I use the software during long training classes to encourage the students to getup and stretch and walk around.

    We all appreciate your product!

  106. Many thanks for the software. I’ve tried various others, but the problem for me is they all have a cancel button which allows you to override the break. They work for a while but eventually I always end up hitting the cancel when I’m busiest, and then it becomes a habit.

    While this program does have a cancel button it also allows me to use parental control mode and basically password protect the cancel button. I can make it difficult enough for myself that I’d rather take a short break and move around a bit than go into settings and type in a difficult password by which time I could have just had the break. So thank you very much. This is what I need.

  107. Hello and thank you for the great piece of work. Idea for improvement: would too much if some customization: sound could be modified? I want something like ” If this is the only thing I accomplish today, will I be satisfied with my day?”. Best R.

  108. I this program daily. I find it really helpful. I also appreciate that you implemented my last change suggestion… now I have another. 🙂 Is there a way you can code in where if the computer is locked, have the program hibernate (pause it’s countdown). When it is unlocked, restart the countdown until the next break. This assumes we just returned from a break. This could be an option which could be enabled or disabled based on peoples computer usage. A side benefit of this is that if we have sounds enabled, they are not playing sounds all the time while we are not working.

    Thanks for your dedication to this program.

  109. Before all else thank you for the great work.
    Following the suggestions of Hariom, could some customization added – with subliminal messages or pictures to be set on screen during a break or even during work.
    I already did this with clever sound effects. Tank you in advance for your consideration.

  110. Gday Mech,

    Just a suggestion for the Eyes Relax tool. I have recently set up a screensaver (windows live photo gallery on win7) and have noticed that while the screensaver is running, eyes relax will pop up for a break because of the timer on Eyes Relax keeps counting…

    Basically my suggestion (if its possible) is to pause or reset the timer when the screensaver activates. Possibly also reset the timer when the computer resumes from sleep.

    I’ve been using Eyes Relax for over a year now and I love it, its amazing how fast time flies when staring at the screen, everytime I stop and close my eyes I realise how sore they are!

    I’ll be more than happy to donate, especially if you could implement those changes – even if its a check-box for each in settings if other users find it a problem.

    (from Queensland, Australia)

  111. Hi Adam,
    Well, there is something similar in Eyes Relax – the option is called “Adjust breaks to user activity” and is described in the help file. It’s independent of the screen saver and I would like to keep it that way, cos it could be used to avoid breaks – you can trigger a screen saver and that disable it and this way a – new work period could start without a rest.
    I early version of Eyes Relax it was integrated with the screen saver but it didn’t work for the users as it disturbed the regular work/rest balance. So now Eyes Relax tracks the user activity and if the computer is not used for a long time – it assumes the user is taking a break. If this break is longer that the break time set in Eyes Relax – the timer will be reset and the app will wait for user to return.

  112. Can you make your program show the count down timer until the next break on the task bar instead of a picture of an eye?

    Can you make your program lock the pc so that you can’t do anything until the break is over? You have a setting to disable the task manager but this is a pointless feature if I can do anything else I want to do during a break. (Win7)

    Thanks for your program

  113. Hi it’s a great program, but sometimes interrupts me in the middle of giving a presentation (which can be funny but not for me).
    Would it be possible to check if PPT presentation mode is active, and then ignore breaks if it is? Thanx.
    (PS sorting this forum last-to-first would make sense, no?)

  114. it would be very helpful if there is an option (Adjust breaks to user activity not works always) to skip eyerelax during watching movies and if we can hide it from task manager,

    best regards

  115. Nice! Great programm! Thank you! I want help with Ukrainian translation for this programm! Can you sent me needed files?

  116. Thanks for your program!

    Can you make option, when I canceled break, the program blink red in tray and for few minutes again offers a break?
    It is often forgotten that the break canceled.

  117. Thanks a lot for this tool, it’s great!
    May I make a feature request? Is it possible to make the Break-Dialog window transferable from one display to another, if two displays are in use?
    Thank you one more time!

  118. Thank you very much for this program. I’m a translator so I have to translate textes for hours. This program helps me very much and so it does to my sister who writes a lot of textes in russian. It wonders me that such a useful program can be installed and work for free and it gives benefits to your health. Usually everything we buy have the opposite influence. Again and again thank you for being that kind to all the people around the world.

  119. Thank you for a great tool!

    I use it to force myself to stand up from computer and do 1 minute of physical exercises every 15 minutes. The efficiency of work has risen significantly, probably due to a better blood circulation.

  120. Great job! I’ve been personally using it and recommending it to my patients. It is very helpful.

    I was wondering if you had any interest in creating a version with my offices name on it so I can give it to my patients to use. If so, please let me know and give me an estimate of how much your fees would be to do so.

    Thank You!

  121. The feature I was most interested in was the ability to make a password and to disable the Task Manager. I enabled the password option and the parent mode. but when the break came on I was able to press the “Windows” key, which brought up the task bar, which I right clicked on for the task manager and forced quit EyesRelax. Is there a way I can disable this back door entry to the task manager. I am hopeless without severe restriction. I was planning to put the password out in my car or something and make it really complicated so I couldn’t memorize it.

    Thanks for a great program.

  122. Nice but would have been great if the Sounds could have been disabled.
    I hope you in the next version you will put an options to mute sound alert.
    Thanks again for making the s/w free.

  123. Thank you very much! This is great software! I work as a programmer and spend a lot of time in front of the monitor. About a year ago I started having headaches and eye aches. I went to a doctor but she couldn’t find a reason for aches until it came upon me that I just need to take breaks. I started taking breaks of 2 minutes every 20 minutes. During my breaks I do physical exercises and eyes relaxation exercises. My life changed dramatically! I’m not tired after work anymore! The headaches and eye aches passed away! As I told I work as a programmer so I wrote a similar application for Windows Phone. There is a free trial without time limit. Here is a link for happy Windows Phone owners: http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=38df87d0-767b-4771-86a2-4e3bcb9d4527
    Once more thank you very much for the great software!

  124. Great program! Could you add the option – disable all sounds after a certain time? Not very nice when you listen to music at night lying in bed, receive sound notification breaks)))

  125. At the beginning I would like to apology for my English skill 😉
    Now, may I make a suggestion? I really enjoy using Eyes Relax, but lack of one future irritates me sometimes. I have disabled function ‘Allow to cancel a break’, and this works fine. But for example, while I’m watching Youtube, or a movie, and the Eyes Relax starts a short break, I can’t stop the movie. This way, I can only see a black screen and sounds from the running movie 😉 Is it possible not to turn off the keyboard while breaks? Or even only a ‘space button’?

  126. I have a suggestion. Other than just reminding a break, you may also provide an option to do an eye training like turning the screen into black background, having on red dot moving from one corn to another corner, and to…. By tracking the red dot, the eye is doing a exercise. This is actual some commercial eye training machine doing. For example:http://products.mercola.com/eyeport-eye-exercise/

  127. Hi, I´m from Chile. Thanks for this tool. I would like to donate, but I don´t use credit card, Please, if posible, inform me a bank account and swift code to transfer to it.

    Best regards.

  128. Hi,

    I am using Eyes Relax to help control my kids’ time in front of the computer. But,I found out that during the break, they can still access the window start menu. They just log off, and log in back again and their previous session/usage information is lost. Is there anything that can prevent this from happening?

    Thanks so much.

  129. Hi mech, I propose you to push your sourse to github, This is cool app (not monstrous, and not overeasy), so I this many fork could show up. For example, there is might support current time or some user text over image (alpha-channel) or red dot moving for eye training.

    Usually version < 1.0 if developer has some unrealized ideas. Interesting, what is your ideas?

  130. Hi, thanks for your contribution of this great program. Will you upgrade it for the windows 10 users? It would be a great job and a big help for our win 10 users if you do so. Thanks for your attention.

  131. Add function. If I look at the video in full screen, the reminder of the break does not start. very often after work, I watch movies and I forget to turn off the program, then sit listening to a movie 5 minutes without video, because You can not undo a break 🙂

  132. 我想請問,如果徹底中止程式,因為我點選隱藏選項後.想要修改程式,但是卻無法終止

    I would like to ask, if the complete suspension of procedures, because I click hidden option. Want to amend the program, but it can not be terminated)

  133. I try a lots of software to find a software can force me take a break even when I press Ctrl + Alt + Del, all of them can’t do it. But finally, I found the one can help me take a break. Thanks you so much, a great software !!!!!

  134. Hi Mech,

    As many others above, I also like your app for various reasons, and would like to see it further evolving.

    First of all, get Bugzilla or move to SourceForge or github for better issue and request management.

    Then, some things I am missing:
    > Tray action can only enable/disable, but not pause/continue.
    > A global shortcut/hotkey that can trigger the tray action(s).
    > Add some randomness to the next break, instead of being fully predictive.
    > Check how ‘Workrave’ handles inactive times, i.e. automatic suspend/resume/reset.
    > Add a ‘Restore Defaults…’ button to the settings tabs.
    > Add an option to allow displaying some user defined text, e.g. “Belly relaxed, abdominal breathing. Head back, shoulders easy. Look outside, strech, yawn.” or “Rotate shoulders, move head. Stand or sit. Backrest fixed or flexible. Get up and walk a bit.”

    Finally, let us (= your users) know about the future of Eyes-Relax, thanks!

  135. Hi all. Thank you very much for all your comments and support, I am glad you find this application useful.
    Recently most of my efforts were put just into making sure the app works fine with new Windows versions. There were two reasons: I didn’t want to make the app UI over complicated and also recently I haven’t had much time I could put into this project 🙁
    As my primary goal is to keep this application alive and free, I am planning to share the source code on github. I just need to do some code cleanup and also migrate the project from VS2005 to something newer (most likely – recent Visual Studio Community). I’ll post the link to the source once it is ready. Thank you all!

  136. Hi Mech, how is it going :)?
    My last message was on December 20, 2016.

    Today is 2023 and I still use your app 🙂

    Please do not hesitate to publish the source code as is without migrating it from VS2005.
    Please, publish EyesRelax as is.

    Thank you in advance.



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