Hello visitor, you can find here a little bit of information about me.

My nickname is mech. I was born in the ’70s and I live in Poland. I think describing my private life details here would be neither enjoyable for me nor interesting for you. I’ve created this blog mainly to share my knowledge and experience.

I’m interested in programming. I’ve been developing software since 1995 and I work as a developer since 2001.

The second area of my interests is stock exchange. I’m an active trader on Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2004, trading both stocks and futures.

Those are the two main topics I would like to write about here. As I mentioned I’d like to share my knowledge, snippets of code, some freeware tiny tools I create.

And I hope you will find it useful.


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  2. Your should also recommend EyeRelax as a good reminder for easing back strain. Sitting in front of a screen for hours puts strain on the back and can cause temporary or permament damage. Physiotherapists recommend getting up and walking around after every 30 minutes in front of a screen.

  3. I offer my deepest gratitude to you for creating Eyes Relax software. I was really in the need of this kind of software. The comments are closed on Eyes Relax post so I’m posting here.

    I used to write time on a piece of paper to take breaks and I kept on doing it for a long time but it wasn’t too much practically. Then I started searching for software which do this for me.

    I gave a try to these softwares :-

    Take A Break
    and few other softwares. None of them was upto my requirement. Few softwares had only short break option other had only long break feature, few had worst interface and few had no sound option etc… but none of them was perfect

    Then fortunately I came across WorkRave software it’s almost 100% perfect except 1 feature that it doesn’t allow to stop tracing Mouse and Keyboard activity and gives break notification as per their usage. For couple of days I was enjoying it till the time I was deadly coding all the time but afterwards someday I realized it wasn’t prompting for breaks and I figured out that it prompts as per Mouse and Keyboard usage and their is no option to stop it.

    I searched again because I was getting strain in eyes and fortunately I came across Scirocco-Take-a-Break and it was exactly what I was looking for, except few features (it doesn’t have good interface etc..). So again I’ve to search and by the grace of GOD I came across your software Eyes
    Relax, which really fascinated me because it has good interface, short and long break option, different sound options for specific break etc…

    I went through many comments on Eyes Relax post and came to know initially Eyes Relax was not having those features which I’m looking for but you kept on doing good work by acting what users were suggesting and I also noticed that users suggested many useful features and you implemented them and made Eyes Relax perfect

    This is proven now that if we do some good work and share it with others then it actually helps us but it seems that we are giving to others, the fact is it returns times to us.

    I offer my deepest Gratitude to you and your Eyes power saving software called EyesRelax. I’ve also tweeted about your Eyes Relax.

  4. I love your software and have been using it for a long while, after a long search on the Internet for a software reminder to move around. It is the best and most adaptable tool. My website newsletter this week is on the dangers of sitting because recent studies reveals how it can lead to serious disease and premature death. In that newsletter, I am giving the link to your Eyes Relax, as great tool to me reminded periodically to move around (and relax your eyes). You can read it at http://www.healthiernaturally.com/sitting.html. I don’t yet have a lot of readers but it will give you more exposure. Thank you so much for it.

  5. The timer is a wonderful gift from you to many sore eyes. But why does it delete after a short time? I downloaded program twice. It vanished twice after a week or so


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